03 September 2008

This feels like summer camp

It's just like starting freshman year of college all over again. You meet a lot of people in a really short time, hang out with whoever you had dinner with the first night, and the whole thing is really surreal, as if I'm not really living here yet.

Today we moved into our dorms and this place is BEAUTIFUL. The walls are bright blue and the bed sheets are bright orange! We have a kitchen and a bathroom in our room and a swimming pool on the roof. My roommate, Brooke, is really awesome. We actually have a lot in common which is great.

On our flight over from Chicago, Steph and I sat next to a man named Andy who is from Brighton, England. He was so entertaining and a really nice guy- we had a great talk about architecture and ruins and about how wars destroy physical evidence of history while simultaneously creating history. He also thought it was great that it was our first transatlantic flight, and made sure that we got everything we needed, including, according to him, two mini bottles of wine and a bloody mary with dinner each. I never want to fly Northwest again! And I am happy that we ended up next to Andy- I love talking with people on airplanes.

Unfortunately I didn't sleep too much on the plane- each seat had its own tv screen and there were so many movies and tv shows to watch...I only watched one movie but I feel like I should have slept instead. Waiting in Heathrow was uneventful for our flight, and both Steph and I slept the entire way to Barcelona. That feeling of landing in Spain was incredible.

For the past two days I have been living in a hotel with the rest of the CEA study abroad kids. It was so difficult to stay awake- I have never experienced jet lag before and it was intense- I am still recovering a little bit. Our first night they had a big welcome dinner for us, and then let us loose. It wasn't a very eventful night but we had a good time. Yesterday was full of orientation sessions and napping, then a brief bus tour of the city. I can't wait to go exploring on my own without a tour guide and 150 other people. Last night a group of us went down to Las Ramblas, the main drag if you will, the touristy section of Barcelona. We had dinner outside and halfway through our meal a man from Norway sat down with us and wanted to talk about politics and psychiatry. He was pretty cool and ended up buying our meal for us, and wouldn't say no no matter how much we protested. What a great first meal to have in the city!

Of course, after that we went out to a club and stayed out til 6:30 am and it was wild! I got to practice my Spanish a lot. And today we moved in and I am about to head down to the beach to play some ultimate!

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