03 September 2008

From the airport


6:35 pm

So I’m at the airport. Bags are checked, I have eaten entirely too much popcorn (thanks Eve!), and I am about 45 minutes from boarding the plane. It still hasn’t entirely hit me that I’m leaving yet. Saying goodbye to people was weird, I only cried twice, and one of them was because I have no idea when I will be seeing Lauren again. That’s the only downside of having friends who love to travel- you never know when or where you will run into them. Though at the same time, I wouldn’t consider that a bad thing either. I love all of you so much and I’m glad I got to see so many people before I left!

This is so wild. I only started to get a little bit nervous on the drive here. I WILL BE IN BARCELONA IN 14 HOURS. At this time tomorrow I will most likely be in some club dancing and going crazy. It will be perfect- it’s 7 hours ahead in Barcelona, so it’s 1:40 am there. I haven’t really stopped to think about this- it isn’t real yet. I didn’t even look back, but I can’t really look forward either, or at least not in anything but abstract terms. I can’t believe I’m really doing this! I have been waiting 11 years to go to Spain, ever since the first time I went to Spanish camp. And now I am half a day away from realizing that dream. Whenever I think about it I get that tight, nervous feeling right in the middle of my left ribs that I get whenever I’m terrified, excited, nervous, or really passionate about something. I can’t breathe! I am way too excited. I’m happy I have Steph here with me. I was definitely prepared to do this on my own; I mean, that’s how I signed up for the trip. But it was really nice having her family drive me to the airport; they were so sweet and all hugged me goodbye. And about half an hour ago, when we both realized we had no way of telling what time it was, where I probably would have been a bit freaked out by myself we just laughed instead. It’s so crazy not to have a phone. I love it- turning it off and hiding it in my apartment was such a great feeling.

Eeeee they are boarding!!!! Gotta go! More from Spain!!!!!!

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