18 September 2008

Laying out into the Mediterranean

This past week has gone by so quickly! I can´t believe it. One things that is a bummer is that my computer has a virus so I can´t really use it too much...which means I haven´t been able to put up any pictures! At least there is a computer lab in my dorm, but the computers only work half the time. Luckily, now is one of those times! I really need to do my laundry...I´ve worn the same clothes several times in a row now. Part of me wishes that I had brought more, but at the same time what do I care if people see me in the same shirt 6 times in a couple of weeks? It´s a good shirt! I sort of attempted to go shopping yesterday but it mostly failed. I guess laundry is inevitable.

I have had such a good week- it included burritos, ultimate, and flamenco dancing. On Saturday we went up to this village, Poble Espanyol, that is on Montjuic in Barcelona. It was built for a 1929 World´s Fair of sorts, though I don´t think that the event ever happened. Either way, it is this neat little village that has more than 100 different examples of Spanish architecture, as well as a lot of different little craft and antique shops. I loved it! There is also a contemporary art museum inside of it that I didn´t even know about, and Goya´s Disasters of War was currently being shown there. That was really cool, and very depressing. There was also a Mexican Festival going on in the village, and they had food so we got legit burritos and tacos and they were actually spicy! It was incredible! It is very difficult to find spicy food here. Also, isn´t it ironic that the Mexican Festival that was celebrating Mexican Independence was occurring in a place called ´´Spanish Village´´?

Saturday night a couple of us who play ultimate took the train to a beautiful beach, Castelldefels, right outside of Barcelona to play on the beach with the club team I was hoping to join up with. It was a great time- they are so welcoming and encouraging and I got to play quite a bit, even though I am definitely not used to running in sand! This beach is absolutely amazing- huge with soft sand and you are standing there with the Mediterranean on one side of you and little mountains on the other side, and it was the perfect combination of all of my favorite things- ocean, beach, mountains, ultimate, and later on beer at the bar on the beach. As the sun was setting clouds were coming in and the sky was more beautiful than any impressionist painting I have ever seen. And the moon was rising among the clouds and there was lightning in the distance...it was such a beautiful display of nature and to have all of this occur as I was playing ultimate...wow. Absolutely one of the best moments in my life.

We also went to the team practice last night, which is in a stadium on the side of Montjuic- it was pretty cool to play at night with the lights of the stadium. I am definitely going to be able to keep in good ultimate shape playing with them- hopefully I will learn a few things too!

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